Name: Trina Henhawk
Title/Position: Information Technologist
Department: OSTTC
Specialties: Technology
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 519-445-1515

Faculty Bio

Trina became a MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator ) after graduating from the TeKnoWave Networking Systems Administrator/Analyst program through Willis College in 2004. Trina has a combined experience in the computer, customer service and administrative industry. Following a post secondary education in Fashion Design, Trina contemplated entering the tool and dies trade and subsequently pursued training in computers to provide an advantage in the trade. Well suffice it to say, she was hooked and remained in the computer industry! Primary responsibilities include: general office administration, Computer support and maintenance, and classroom instruction.


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Course ID Course Number Course Name Instructor Room Number Days Time Credits Prerequisites
IT0142 011626 Aboriginal Pre-Trades/Pre-Technology 101 N/A N/A
IT0131 011615 Computer Business Basics 101 N/A N/A
IT0132 011616 Driver's Education 101 N/A N/A
IT0120 011605 How to Purchase a Computer 101 N/A N/A
IT0119 011604 Introduction to Business Administration Basics 101 N/A N/A
IT0118 011603 Keyboarding 101 N/A N/A
IT0130 011614 Microsoft Excel 101 N/A N/A
IT0129 011613 Microsoft Outlook 101 N/A N/A
IT0128 011612 Microsoft PowerPoint 101 N/A N/A
IT0127 011611 Microsoft Word 101 N/A N/A
IT0134 011618 Proposal Writing 101 N/A N/A
IT0126 011610 Web Page Creation and Maintenance 101 N/A N/A
IT0116 011601 What Computer Program is Best? 101 N/A N/A Yes N/A