Accounting Basics

This course is ideal for the individual who literally has been “thrown” into performing accounting tasks but doesn’t not have an accounting background. It is also ideal for candidates considering the entrepreneurial path providing a solid base and understanding of accounting.

This non-computer course is a great balance between theory and hands-on, practical work.

Admission and Requirements:

Participants must have a willingness to attend each class and ask questions to get the most from the instructor-lead series.

Course Outline and Information:

  • Accounting principals, concepts and guidelines
  • Role of the bookkeeper and accountant
  • The Chart of Accounts – sifting through papers to determine what to keep and for how long
  • computerized accounting programs and the types of reports to expect
  • The sales cycle – recording sales, income, customer payments, bad debt
  • The purchase cycle – recording purchases, supplier invoices and payments
  • Accounting
  • Getting employees paid – payroll and government remittances
  • the everything else journal – items where ash is not directly involved
  • Financial statements overview – the balance sheet and the income statement
  • Bank reconciliation
  • The fiscal year end process
  • Auditors and what to expect
  • Identifying the best method to fix or change existing entries

Hours and Duration:

Five day course – delivery is based on a Participant demand
One day per week for Five Weeks