Computer Business Basics

This course will introduce participants to the exciting world of computers in a fun and relaxed environment. an introduction to computers through Windows, keyboarding and computer basics will quickly realize the benefits of computing.

Course Outline and Information:

Computers and Microsoft windows – Learn the basic pieces that make up a computer system and how each component works together. Learn to store, retrieve and print information.

Keyboarding – Learning how to type or improve existing typing skills enhances the computer experience. The focus is on familiarity and comfort, not speed – that comes with practice.

Internet Explorer and Email – An introduction to surfing the World Wide web and electronic messages is provided.

Introduction to Business Administration Software Basics – Topics will cover a number of features to help you get comfortable with Microsoft Word and Excel.

PowerPoint – The art of creating electronic slide shows has never been easier and more fun! participants will create a brief slide show of their choice.

Hours and duration:
Custom course lengths as defined by Participant Demand.