Microsoft Excel

Number crunching or various mathematical computations can be extremely time consuming. using Microsoft Excel let the computer do all the work for you by creating worksheets that automatically do the math and calculations for you!

Admission Requirement:
No prerequisite for Level 1. Keyboarding and some experience with Windows is an asset. Demonstrated proficiency should be achieved before progressing to the next level.

Course Outline and Information

Microsoft Excel – Level 1

  • Using Basic Workbook Skills
  • Formatting Numbers, text and cells
  • Working with ranges & creating simple formulas
  • Copying and moving data
  • Saving, retrieving & printing

Microsoft Excel – Level 2

  • Using page setup and working with multiple worksheets
  • Working with columns and rows
  • Using automatic formatting and styles
  • Copying and moving data
  • Using HTML files & range names
  • Working with labels in formulas
  • Creating & editing charts and objects

Microsoft Excel – Level 3

  • Using labels in formulas
  • Advance charting
  • Database capabilities
  • Filters and range criteria
  • Exporting and importing data to other “office” applications

Microsoft Excel – Level 4

  • Troubleshooting your worksheets
  • Working with data series and data tables
  • Advanced functions such as lookups
  • What-if analysis
  • Macros and pivot tables
  • Working with labels in formulas
  • Creating & editing charts and objects

Hours and duration:
A variety of short courses are offered on a regular basis. Please visit regularly to view scheduled classes.