Microsoft Outlook

Need help organizing your day, meetings or electronic messages? MS outlook allows participants to create electronic messages, update calendars, schedule meetings, maintain address books and contacts, define daily tasks and even have your computer send you reminders! If you can use a little help getting organized – this course is for you.

Admission Requirement:
No prerequisite for Level 1. keyboarding and some experience with Windows is an asset. Demonstrated proficiency should be achieve before progressing to the next level.

Course Outline and Information:

Microsoft Outlook – Level 1

  • Sending and receiving electronic mail
  • Adding and reading attachments to e-mail
  • Organizing messages -sort, move, delete and recover
  • Scheduling and managing appointments and meetings
  • Managing contacts, tasks, notes and journals

Microsoft Outlook – Level 2

  • using the address book
  • Formatting messages, checking spelling/grammar
  • Working with folders, forms, and junk mail
  • Customizing the options for messages, security, calendar, notes, tasks and reminders
  • Working with files and applications
  • On-line meetings [working with the internet]

Hours and duration:
A variety of short courses are offered on a regular basis. Please visit the site regularly to view scheduled classes.