Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint is used to enhance presentations with the use fo computerized slide shows containing text, graphics, pictures, sound effects, music and charts. PowerPoint can be used to create animation and special effects for a convincing visual presentation including ‘clipart’ or digitized photographs.
PowerPoint is one business tool that is limited only by the creative mind to produce fascinating presentations and is a lot of fun!

Admission Requirement:
No prerequisite for Level 1. Keyboarding and some experience with Windows is an asset. Demonstrated proficiency should be achieved before progressing to the next level.

Course Outline and Information:

Microsoft PowerPoint – Level 1

  • Exploring PowerPoint and using basic presentation skills
  • using the outline pane, correcting spelling and text errors
  • Enhancing and formatting presentation text
  • Printing presentations, handouts and speaker notes
  • Sorting and viewing slides
  • Working with graphics and drawing

Microsoft PowerPoint – Level 2

  • Customizing presentations, using charts and tables
  • Adding special effects and setting up the slide show
  • Editing, importing and creating custom charts
  • Exporting slides and outlines to MS word
  • Collaboration and “web” ready presentations

Hours and duration:
A variety of short courses are offered on a regular basis. Please visit the site to review scheduled classes.