Microsoft Word

Word-processing is a way of life and essential to business. Using Microsoft word, participants will work with files, learn to create documents and edit and format in a professional manner. All the basic functions of Word will be explored. More advanced skills like multiple page reports and how to integrate Word with other programs will be learned as you progress through the various levels.

Admission Requirement:
No prerequisite for Level 1. Keyboarding and some experience with Windows is an asset. demonstrated proficiency should be achieved before progressing to the next level.

Course Outline and Information:

Microsoft Word – Level 1

  • Exploring Word
  • Using basic document skills and text editing
  • checking spelling and grammar
  • Working with document views
  • Saving, retrieving and printing documents

Microsoft Word – Level 2

  • Using paragraph and document formatting
  • Inserting dates and symbols
  • Setting tabs and indenting paragraphs
  • Using numbers and bullets
  • Working with headers and footers
  • Using section breaks
  • Working with auto format and tables
  • Applying borders and shading
  • Merging documents and managing files

Microsoft Word – Level 3

  • Inserting graphics and working with newsletter-style columns
  • Drawing, objects, charts and diagrams
  • Mail, merge and mailing labels
  • Sorting table data and formulas in tables
  • Importing Excel data
  • Macros, forms and document protection
  • Bookmarks, footnotes, endnotes
  • Tracking revisions
  • Generating indexes and tables of contents

Hours and Duration:
A variety of short courses are offered on a regular basis. Please visit the site to review scheduled classes.