Pre-Apprenticeship Electrical

This program is offered in partnership with the Electrical College of Canada. Interested Individuals who demonstrate commitment and pursuing further studies and Training in Electrical and Apprenticeship programs are encouraged to apply.

Admission Requirement:
Require a formal interview with Administrative officer
OSSD or equivalent [GED] including:
Grade 12 English, general, advanced, C or U
Grade 10 Math, general, advanced, applied or academic
Mature applicants are considered individually

Course Outline and Information

Program of Studies

    • Basic Electrical Theory
    • Fundamentals of Mathematics
    • Introduction to Electrical Safety Code
    • Introduction to Blue Prints
    • Introduction to Instrumentation
    • Introduction to Electronics
    • Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
    • Residential Installation Methods
    • Commercial Installation Methods
    • Job Search & Resume
    • Guidance with the construction of the wiring labs


      Additional Classes Include:

    • Lockout/Tag Out
    • Fall Protection
    • First Aid and CPR
    • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

Hours and Duration:
Twenty-four week program,Monday to Friday,9:00am to 4:00pm.