Proposal Writing

Participants will learn the essential elements of a grant proposal and more importantly, will be coached on effective writing skills to support a successful proposal submission.

Proposal writing tips will be highlighted throughout the one day course with an emphasis on unwritten items that are not found in proposal guidelines or eligibility criteria.

Admission Requirements:

Good use and understanding of the English language
Notepad with pen/pencil [this is a manual course – no computers are used]

course Outline and Information:


  • Criteria and eligibility
  • Requirements
  • Assessment and review process
  • Make Contact

What does the proposal need to do?

Essential Elements of a Grant Proposal

  • Establish credibility
  • Define the problem or need
  • Project outcomes and methodology
  • Creating a realistic budget
  • Assessing the stability and success of the project
  • Conclusion
  • Executive summary/abstract

Proposal writing tips
Proposal ‘appearance and packaging’

Hours and Duration:
Full day [six hours] – 9am – 4pm