Web Page Creation and Maintenance

Technology advances make establishing a company website affordable for even the smallest business.
To increase your company’s presence on the World wide web, this short course is designed to walk participants through all the stages of creating and maintaining an information-based web site using Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML).

Admission Requirement:
General working knowledge of Windows or a word processing program. Keyboarding or typing is considered an asset. Participants must pre-register for all three days.

Course Outline and Information
Major Topics Include:

  • Domain name registration process
  • Finding a web hosting company
  • Evaluating web hosting services
  • standard HTML Tags – starting and ending
  • Basic site creation including: formatting, spacing, alignment of text and images
  • Consideration of web browsers
  • Adding Email information
  • Sourcing free GIF’s
  • Maintaining existing websites – sifting through code to make simple changes
  • Discussion on scripting and e-commerce

Hours and duration:
Three day course consisting of six half-day sessions.