What Computer Program is Best?

For the “totally new to computers” individual. This computerized presentation identifies the uses of common business software including: Windows, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Internet stuff. This hands-off course provides participants with demonstrations on how best to utilize common software programs. No prerequisite, half-day course.

Small Business Budgeting

A must for the small business entrepreneur; learn to manage revenues and expenses using Microsoft Excel. Participants leave this one-day course with a worksheet that’s easy to track monthly income and expenses. Basic keyboarding skills are an asset.


For the two fingers, non-typist or slow typist – this course is all about you! Individuals work at their own pace through the use of computer-based training software. No prerequisite.

Introduction to Business Administration Basics

For the beginner who needs to learn how to create, change and print basic letters, sales or expense reports. This one-day course covers a number of features to help you get started in MS Word and Excel. Basic typing and keyboarding skills required.

How to Purchase a Computer

Want or need to buy a computer but simply don’t know where to start? This two-hour course will help you compare computer system ads and determine the best deal for your money! Bring in your ad!