Meet Maye Miller – a first year Millwright apprentice with Hall 1916 and a graduate of our W.R.I.T.E program!

Maye stepped foot in our doors unsure of what path in the trades she wanted to take. With the W.R.I.T.E. program, students are exposed to multiple Union and Non-Union trade organizations to help make an informed decision about what career in the trades they will pursue. In reflection to her time spent in the program, Maye notes that

“The program didn’t just list different trades, it allowed for me to gain hands-on experience and the opportunity to ask questions. It was nice getting a feel of what each trade does which helped me narrow down what I want to do and what I don’t.”

One of Maye’s most memorable experiences in the program was learning the trade of Carpentry. Alongside her classmates, Maye was able to utilize hands-on learning in order to build a picnic table!

After exploring the various trades in the program, Maye narrowed her interests down to Carpentry, Boilermakers and Millwrights; which later found herself employed as a first year Millwright apprentice with Hall 1916. When asked what she enjoys most about her career, Maye mentions how

“I’m not doing the same thing every day. Some days are me welding, ridging or changing parts. Every day I learn new things and see new things. It’s a whole different world in my eyes, it’s like when you go to a different country or town or state and you’re memorized by how different it is. I get that feeling all the time and the best part is it doesn’t go away.”

Maye’s ultimate goal that she continues to work towards each day is to acquire all the hours she needs to be able to become a journeyman.

Day to day, Maye’s schedule can vary but her routine stays the same. Some days she is working 8-hour shifts and others she is working 12-hour shifts. Before she leaves to head to work, she always ensures she has extra clothes and shoes for after her shift is complete. “I never know how the job is going to go or how clean it will be. Some places can get pretty dirty and I walk out covered in dirt or grease.” Once on site, Maye meets with other millwrights to be able to find out what and where the job is. A key aspect about her career that she loves the most is that she is able to meet and interact with new people every day! “I always get to meet such amazing people who are willing and ready to teach me what they know. Asking questions on how they came up with that solution or why they did what they did helps me understand and teaches me so I know for next time.” Maye is constantly growing her knowledge and experience each shift that goes under her belt. One thing that she has learned on her first job is to never say bye to her coworkers, but “see you on the next one!”

Maye’s advice to those who are thinking about taking this trades experience is to do it!

“If you’re thinking of going into the trades, this program is a great way to not only find out if it’s what you want to do but you are also getting to learn and experience new things!”

We are extremely proud of Maye and all the successes she has experienced since starting her journey in the trades. We know that her goals will be reached with her determination and drive in the workplace! If you want to start a journey just like Maye’s, register for the upcoming W.R.I.T.E program before April 15th, 2022 by visiting, classes start April 25th!