Meet Jodie Johnson – A graduate of our GED program and a current student of our Introduction to Land Based Tourism and Adventure program!

It was when she was nineteen that OSTTC was first introduced to the hardworking and motivated student whom we know as Jodie Johnson! At the time, she found herself at our front doors wanting to take the GED program because she felt as though it was too late to finish her credits at a traditional High School. The General Education Development program is suited to assist individuals in achieving their education through specific testing and upgrading. In Jodie’s case, she had a whole new reason to fully pursue her goals because she was expecting her first child! Looking back to the start of her journey, she notes that

“I wanted to get my GED to show my daughter that to be successful, you just need to be determined. I wanted to show her what a strong young woman looks like and that’s what I needed to be for her. Getting my GED was the first step in doing this.”

With the unprecedented times of the global pandemic, Jodie jumped through many hurdles to ensure she still accomplished all her goals. She faced a lockdown during her studies that resulted in a cancellation of her program putting her GED on hold. Once OSTTC was able to safely reopen, Jodie recalls that “when the next class came up, I was one of the first students OSTTC reached out to and I immediately signed up!” At this point, she still had the same ambitions of pursuing her education but now had her one year old daughter cheering her on as well.

Jodie had previous experience working in the Tourism Industry and loved being a helping hand in our community. “I knew this was the career field I wanted to get into. I wanted to take the Eco-Tourism program here at OSTTC, but I needed my GED first.”  After successfully passing her GED test, Jodie finally felt like she could continue to move forward and grow in her life. She had no limitations to jobs and had a chance to continue her education in a post-secondary setting!

“Once I got my GED, the Eco-Tourism Program had turned into the Introduction to Land Based Tourism and Adventure Program which made me even more excited!”

Fast forward to present day, Jodie is now currently enrolled in our Introduction to Land Based Tourism and Adventure Program in partnership with Fanshawe College. This program introduces students to the exciting and diverse set of possible careers in the outdoors. Students will be taught through land-based learning, traditional knowledge, hands-on skills, and adventure expeditions.

In reflection to her time spent in her current program, Jodie says “this program is a whole other level of fun. I’ve always been a houseplant type person but I knew this would completely get me out of my comfort zone and I absolutely love it! The outdoor adventures in this class also helps with my mental health.” Once Jodie graduates this program, she hopes to get right back into the Tourism Industry with a career that will allow her to create programs that will help the community as well as educating others on our heritage and culture.

Jodie’s advice to those who are thinking of taking our GED program is to go for it!

“Nothing can hold you back except yourself. OSTTC is determined to see us succeed, I can tell everyday when I walk through the door.”

We are extremely proud of Jodie for completing her GED and continuing her education here with us at OSTTC. We know that Jodie will continue to motivate others in success as she is a great peer to her classmates. Our next GED program starts on May 16th 2022, you can apply by visiting our website! Don’t wait too long, the registration deadline is May 6th!