We are proud to announce that our Employment Readiness student, Claudia, has officially completed the program and her placement with MTS Native Services!

After the 12-week in-class portion of her program, Claudia was placed with MTS Native Services to complete a 4-week job placement! MTS Native Services is a high quality digital printing company that offers design, printing, assembly and finishing services. MTS Native Services is owned by Monica Staats and is located on Fifth Line in Six Nations.

During her time with MTS Native Services, Claudia was given tasks such as organizing and filing paperwork, packaging products, greeting customers and answering the phones. Claudia’s big project was to help file a year’s worth of paperwork. She effectively replaced all the old files, shredded confidential information and created space for new files to be stored. In reference to Claudia finishing this project, Monica says

“It feels really good to have everything up to date since she’s been here. I know where everything is so it makes finding certain things quicker. I don’t have to go through a whole pile to find something as everything has its own place.”

The basis around the Employment Readiness program is for students to be introduced to an array of things to narrow down what they would like to pursue as a career once they graduate. Claudia’s favourite part of the Employment Readiness program was the various workshops that were incorporated to provide the students an opportunity to gain a new skill.

“I would recommend the Employment Readiness program to someone because it’s got a bunch of workshops that could be helpful and get them interested in anything they wanted. My favourite workshop was learning how to bead.”

Since this experience, Claudia has found that she loves to be in the office setting! She loves to keep busy with administration duties and organizing. Her biggest takeaway she’s learned in this job placement is that there is always something new for her to learn! In reflection to Claudia, Monica says that

“one thing I appreciate, is that I can show her how to do something and she’ll go and do it. She’ll leave her questions to the end and then come ask me. Every question is always a good question and I’m glad she’s asking them.”

MTS Native Services has loved being a part of OSTTC’s Employment Readiness program to get students ready for the workforce. MTS Native Services would recommend other businesses to also open their doors for an OSTTC student to gain hands-on experience. Monica has seen a positive impact on her business since Claudia has arrived as she states, “Claudia has taken a lot of initiative with stuff. If I go on lunch or we aren’t in office, she will stay and answer the phones or greet people when they come. A lot of the time, we aren’t here on lunch, so it’s great that with her being here we can offer more for the business.”

OSTTC is so proud of Claudia and all that she has accomplished since being a student with us! In terms of what’s next for Claudia, she is wanting to take the steps in getting her Driver’s License. She’s interested in signing up for OSTTC’s next intake of Driver’s Ed! We will continue to work alongside to assist her in reaching her goals. OSTTC would also like to extend a nya:weh to Monica of MTS Native Services for opening her business doors to our student placement!