Meet Nikki Thomas – a current student in our Early Childhood Education Program! 👶🏼📚✏🎉

As she aspired to have a career working with young children but needed a program that was fast-tracked and online, once Nikki saw the social media posting about OSTTC’s Early Childhood Education program, she knew she had to apply!

The Early Childhood Education is a 52-week online program in partnership with Fanshawe College. This program works through several different learning modules that will provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to work in the field. In addition, students are also able to gain real hands-on experience through various work placements that they will have to complete. At the end of the 52-weeks, students will have received their ECE Diploma! Nikki’s favourite learning module that she’s completed thus far is the Curriculum Design. Nikki notes that “we had some really interesting assignments like was one making story stones!”

Nikki’s program has an accelerated, at-your-own-pace, online structure. Students receive their workload for the week on Monday at 6am and have till Friday at 8pm to complete. At first, Nikki felt a little overwhelmed, but she was able to learn a new valuable skill; time management! Typically, students have 4-5 assignments, 2 quizzes, lecture videos and readings to finish for the week. Aside from the online learning, students are also required to complete a 2-week job placement after each learning module. Nikki has finished five of her placements and only has two left! Her currently placement is in a Kindergarten classroom.

“I was feeling a little nervous about being in the Kindergarten room because I have only been in childcare settings but I love it in the kindergarten room. It’s so much fun!”

Nikki has also had placements in an infant room, toddler room and preschool room. In reflection to her placements in a childcare centre, she says

“my favourite thing is actually working with the children. Being in the centre, loving and caring for the children and being a part of their early learning years is a really great feeling.”

Nikki has worked on and off in various different childcare centres and private home daycares. When asked why she chose to start her educational journey, she says

“I think early childhood development is very fascinating and watching children learn is such a joy. Seeing things through a child’s eyes is amazing.”

Nikki is grateful to OSTTC and Fanshawe College for the structure of this program that allows her the time to follow through with her education. Prior to this program, Nikki didn’t have enough time to attend school. So she says that this experience is truly amazing.

Nikki hopes to pursue employment in an infant or toddler room at a childcare centre once she receives her ECE diploma. This program has allowed for Nikki to not only gain the educational background, but an opportunity to build relationships with employers! Nikki is proud to announce that

“the centre I did my first placement at last June has already emailed me twice wanting me to apply there!”

Once she graduates, Nikki says this will be the first place she sends her resume to.

Nikki’s advice to those who are interested in applying to a program at OSTTC is to

“not be afraid or let the opportunity pass by, just do it and most of all just believe in yourself! If I can go back to school 25 years later, anyone can do it!”

Nikki also pays homage to OSTTC for still providing support even though this is an online program and for having this program be offered.

OSTTC is extremely proud of Nikki for all that she has accomplished so far! Nikki has went above and beyond with her studies as she has been awarded with Fanshawe’s Honour Roll for each term up to now! Keep up the amazing work!

If you would like to follow Nikki’s advice and become a student at OSTTC, please visit our website to find a program for you.