Meet Tia Porter – a graduate of The Introduction to Healthcare Program!

Tia is no stranger to OSTTC as she began her educational journey with us in 2017 with the Administrative Assistant Program. From there, she was able to gain a core understanding on what she wanted to pursue professionally and allowed for her to grow personally. As she was wanting to continue her education, Tia applied for OSTTC’s Healthcare Office Assistant Program. Once graduating and a few stepping stones later, Tia would return back to OSTTC as a student in the Introduction to Healthcare Program!

Eager and excited to gain more knowledge, Tia was looking to learn more about the Healthcare field. Prior to registering for the Introduction to Healthcare Program, she was employed as a Medical Receptionist. The premise of the Introduction to Healthcare Program was to allow for students to make informed decisions about their future and gain foundational knowledge in the Healthcare field. During the program, students learned things such as Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology, Medical Math, Human and Growth Development and of course – getting workplace prepped!

In reflection to her time spent in the program, Tia says “my overall experience during the Introduction to Healthcare program was absolutely amazing. From beginning to end it was very informative and very professional.” This 21-week program was in partnership with Fanshawe College where a Fanshawe Instructor taught the course, “I found it to be helpful that they were able to have a Fanshawe teacher teach the course. She brought in many ideas and many different viewpoints with so much encouragement in her words.” Tia pays homage to her instructor Lynette who helped her learn that “even if one isn’t up to date on every single rule, it is their dignity and their heart that will play a big role at the end of the day.”

This program quickly became extremely eye-opening and rewarding for Tia. Not only did she learn a lot on the evolving and ever-changing Healthcare field in terms of protocols and procedures, she also began believing in herself and all that she can accomplish.

“One thing with Healthcare is if you have the right person teaching you the positives and not just the negatives, it helps give you a better idea and makes you want to go for those dreams rather than being afraid of not making it.”

One of Tia’s most memorable experiences in the program is when Lynette invited guest speakers from various Health Field sectors to speak to their roles and responsibilities. Tia’s favourite guest speaker were the Paramedics, they discussed their Community Paramedic Program and touched on aspects like 911.

“It blew my mind away. I wanted in!! I wanted to do all of that and more.”

Conveniently enough, at the time Six Nations Paramedic Services were hiring for an Administrative Assistant. With Tia’s past education and certificates obtained from OSTTC, she met the educational requirements to apply! Fast forward to present day, Tia is a full time employee!

At work, Tia can be found checking emails, the mail and answering phone calls. She is also responsible for submitting invoices and providing additional assistance in anything admin or payroll related. Since taking on her position, Tia envisions herself going back to school to become a Paramedic!

“I love what I do but I also want to do more one day! Being a front line worker would be very challenging but with my determination and with the support behind me, I know I can do whatever I set my mind to.”

Tia thanks OSTTC and the Introduction to Healthcare program as it has helped her to thrive in her employment. “The Introduction to Healthcare program helped me see a broader picture of the real world and what front line workers do on a daily basis. When I took a leap of faith to go back to school I knew I’d be okay at finding a job afterwards because of the resources OSTTC is able to provide.”

Tia’s advice to those thinking of applying to a program at OSTTC is to

“go for it. You never know if you don’t try. I am 26 year old, a mom of two under 5 and I am a full time employee for a job that I absolutely love all because I took that leap of faith. The opportunities are endless with a positive mindset. If you really are on the fence about going back to school, consider OSTTC because they really did change my life with the opportunities they were able to give me. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I am today in my career.”

OSTTC is so proud of Tia and the role model she is becoming to our community! To learn more about our programming and what we offer, visit