Meet Tina Hill – a graduate of our Introduction to Cayuga Language course!
With little prior knowledge and wanting to preserve and learn the language at the forefront, Tina was enlightened to see that OSTTC was offering an Introduction to Cayuga Language course! In the hopes of passing her knowledge down to her kids, Tina was registered and set to attend weekly evening classes at OSTTC!
In the 11-week course, students learned the basics of the Cayuga Language such as being able to introduce themselves, a general understanding of Gonohonyohk and some basic phrases! In reflection to her time spent during the course, Tina says
“It’s been an amazing experience, a privilege if you will. Pronunciations of words began to flow easier as we progressed!”
Although each class brought something new to learn, Tina thoroughly enjoyed that each week followed the same routine. “Miss Johnson had us sitting in a circle for the most part facing each other and would do the opening in Gayogoho:no’.” Tina’s instructor ensured that each class emphasized on verbal learning and the students would often repeat what they were learning individually or as a group. Tina pays homage to her instructor for displaying patience and support throughout the entirety of the course. “You could see the pride she shares for her students as we progressed.”
When asked what her favourite learning experience was in the course, Tina says
“for me, there was no specific “one” thing. The entire experience has been phenomenal However, learning and understanding the breakdown of certain words and their meanings was enlightening. Listening to Miss Johnson’s own experiences through her journey of learning and teaching were always a highlight too!”
Since completing the course, Tina has been able to pass down her knowledge to her children who are anxiously waiting for her to arrive back home so they can listen and learn along with her! Tina expresses interest in continuing her language journey with OSTTC with an advanced course.
“Learning Gayogoho:no’ is an honour and a cherished prerogative to our people and community.”
Tina’s advice to those wanting to learn the language with OSTTC is to “do it!! I guarantee you will not be disappointed. There are no other words, it definitely is a wonderful opportunity.”
We are so proud of Tina in wanting to learn our language and pass down her learnings to the next generation! Keep up the great work, Tina!