Project Description

Narrative Summary

This course will introduce participants to the exciting world of computers in a fun and relaxed environment. An introduction to computers through Windows, keyboarding and computer basics, participants will quickly realize the benefits of computing.
To further increase the participants understanding and computer abilities; Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, surfing the net and electronic mail basics will be explored.

Admission Requirements

  • No previous computer experience necessary
  • Keyboarding and some experience with Windows is an asset.
  • Complete Academic Assessment/ESPORT

Course Outline

Major Topics include:

  • Microsoft Excel-Level 1
  • Basic Workbook skills
  • Formatting Numbers, text, cells
  • Working with Ranges & Creating Simple Formulas
  • Copying and Moving Data
  • Saving, Retrieving & Printing
  • Microsoft Outlook Level 1
  • Sending and receiving electronic mail
  • Adding and reading attachments to e-mail
  • Organizing messages-sort, move, delete, and recover
  • Scheduling and managing appointments and meetings
  • Managing contacts, tasks, notes, and journals
  • Microsoft Powerpoint Level 1
  • Exploring Powerpoint and Using Basic Presentation Skills
  • Using the Outline Pane, Correcting Spelling and Text Errors
  • Enhancing and Formatting Presentation Text
  • Printing Presentations, handouts, and speaker notes
  • Sorting and Viewing Slides
  • Working with Graphics and Drawing Objects
  • Microsoft Word Level 1
  • Exploring Word
  • Using Basic Document Skills & Text Editing
  • Checking Spelling and Grammar
  • Working with Document Views
  • Saving, Retrieving & Printing Documents

Hours and Duration

Hours and Duration: Four (4) Weeks combined. One (1) week each.

9:00-4:00 Monday to Friday