Project Description

Narrative Summary

GED is a program suited to assist individuals in achieving their education through specific testing and upgrading. The GED tests cover the same subjects that people study in high school. The five subject areas are: Language Arts-Writing and Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Math.

Admission Requirements

  • Must be out of highschool for one full year
  • Highschool Transcript and Resume
  • 18 years of Age or Older
  • Complete GED Assessment/ESPORT

Course Outline

Major Topics include:

  • Complete a four [4] hour GED assessment in all five subject areas.
  • Intensive twelve [12] week program which will include areas
  • Reading, writing, science, social studies, math-with and without a calculator.
  • Worksheet activities
  • Tests-weekly

Hours and Duration

Hours and duration: Monday to Friday 9am-4pm