Project Description

Narrative Summary

The Introduction to Health program will give students the opportunity to study subject that is relevant to health career programs at Fanshawe College and to instill an appreciation of professional roles, responsibilities, and academic requirements of health care disciplines.

Admission Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • OSSD with courses from College (C), University (U), University/College (M)
  • Any Grade 12 Mathematics 11 or 12 (U/C)
  • And one of the following: Grade 11 Biology (C), Grade 11/12 Biology (U), Grade 12 Kinesiology (U), Grade 12 Chemistry (C), Grade 11/12 Chemistry (C), Grade 12 Physics (C), Grade 11/12 Physics (U)
  • Academic or Career Entrance Certificate
  • Highschool Equivalency Certificate (GED) with combined minimum average score of 520 in Language Arts-Reading and Writing along with one of Mathematics listed above, and one of Science Listed above.
  • Academic Upgrading required.

Course Outline

Major Topics include:

To be determined

Hours and Duration

Hours and duration: Monday to Friday 9am-4pm