Project Description

We have a very exciting program starting in February 2022, Introduction to Land Based Tourism and Adventure! 🌊⛺🛶
This program will introduce students to the exciting and diverse set of possible careers in the outdoors! Students will be taught through land based learning, traditional knowledge, hands-on skills and adventure expeditions.
Students will learn:
🛶 All about wildlife
🛶 Nature photography
🛶 Sustainability practices
🛶 How to safely guide groups of people in the wild
Students will become certified in:
⛺ Wilderness First Aid Training
⛺ ORCKA Basic Canoe
⛺ Paddle Canada Stand Up Paddle Board and Basic Kayak
⛺ Bushcraft
⛺ Fall Protection Awareness
⛺ Leave No Trace
⛺ Health and Safety
Students additionally will:
🌊 Participate in 2 Wilderness Expeditions
🌊 Various cultural, wellness and skills development workshops
This 16-week program is in partnership with Fanshawe College and will run from February 14th to June 3rd.
Requirements for this program:
✅ Must be 18 years of age or a mature student
✅ Obtained a High School Diploma or GED
✅ Provide a High School Transcript
✅ Complete an academic assessment and an intake interview
Registration Deadline: January 28th, 2022