Project Description

Narrative Summary

OSTTC’s Seven-Week Self Employment Assistance Program is primarily aimed at small/independent, for-profit businesses, and new start-ups. Although for-profits remains the focus of the program, the program is easily adaptable for participants focused on social-enterprise, not-for-profit activities or simply wanting to increase the level of innovation in the workplace (being intrapreneurial).

Higher quality business plans ultimately empower participants to make better decisions, present more convincing arguments to secure needed funding and investments as well as generating more revenues.

The SEA program consists of two 2 hour online live classroom sessions per week, with an instructor available daily for assistance. Students will also be given the option to complete the course via independent study packages to be handed in every Monday.

Admission Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a business idea in mind
  • Basic computer skills

Course Outline

Major Topics include:

Week 1:Introduction to Business

  • Intro to Business planning
  • Critical thinking in business
  • Entrepreneurial self-assessment
  • Introduction to the Business model canvas
  • Intro to Value Propositions
  • Value proposition statement

Week 2: Channels

  • Customer Relationships
  • Customer Interviews
  • Customer Interviews & Testing MVP
  • Customer Fit (Product-Customer “Fit)
  • The Right (Best) Market Segment (Product-Market Fit)
  • Estimating Market Size
  • Partners
  • Resource & Activities
  • Dealing with Competition
  • Local Market Best Practices

Week 3: Business Plan

  • Writing your Business plan
  • Assessing Your Business Model
  • SWOT analysis

Week 4: Finance & Documents

    • Financial Projections
    • Break-Even Analysis
    • Credit Score Report & Scores
    • Business Registration & Licenses
    • Developing an Effective Resume
    • Personal Documents for Business
    • Financial statements for students
    • Final Class Presentation of completed business plan with Panel assessment

Hours and Duration

  • July 4 – August 19, 2022

Course Delivery: Online/Independent Study Packages


  • Two x 2 hour sessions online live classroom per week. Instructor assistance available.
  • Course material posted to Online Learning Platform with assignments, quizzes, and ongoing Business Plan Development

Independent Study Packages:

  • Two Conference Calls per week with class for Q & A
  • Weekly Individual Touch Bases with each student
  • Course Material available for pickup/hand-in every Monday
  • Packages include: Powerpoint Lessons, Assignments, Quizzes, and Additional resource links.
  • Access to Online Learning Platform for class chats/peer interaction & additional resources.

Registration Deadline

Deadline to register is June 10, 2022. All applications must be submitted before 4pm on the deadline date. Applications will be considered complete when ALL forms are filled in FULL and required documentation is provided.