Published: January 10, 2023
Meet Huntre Jamieson

For Huntre, becoming a student at OSTTC all began with seeing a social media post for our Metal Fabricator program. Huntre always had an interest in the trades and contemplated changing her career path numerous times. She was completing diplomas in the Health Care field at Fanshawe College but notes that “I couldn’t visualize myself feeling satisfied in the field I had completed my credentials.” With that, Huntre decided it was time for a leap into a career she always dreamt of and enrolled in our Metal Fabricator program!

The Metal Fabricator program is a 12-week program where students will learn how to fabricate and repair carbon steel structures. Students also will learn how to read and interpret engineer drawings, plan and implement the sequence of assembly, perform calculations and apply formulae to layout patterns and shapes. From that, students will then be able to cut out resulting patterns and shapes using oxy-fuel torches and plate shears. Huntre’s interest was sparked as she felt as though fabricating and welding both allow for an artistic flair! She loves being able to practice her welding with her favourite exercise, the horizontal stairs.

During this program, students are given a paid internship opportunity with Walter’s Group at their Princeton Campus. One of Huntre’s most memorable moments was going to Walter’s which allowed for her to gain a better understanding of what her future career will look like while making industry connections.

When asked about her overall experience in the Metal Fabricator program, Huntre says that

“overall our class is like a community. We are all here to help each other out when needed, whether that be lifting a heavy piece, offering a second opinion or just joking around, making the shop a welcoming environment.”

Day to day, Huntre can be found studying blueprints, torch cutting, gathering materials, drilling holes, welding and collaborating with her classmates.

Once Huntre graduates, she plans on pursing a job offer she received during her time here at OSTTC! She will be working as a Metal Fabricator and Welder with a large and well-respected steel construction company! Looking forward, she wants to continue evolving her career by working in a feature/ornamental shop that specializes in large scale art pieces and luxury architecture.

Huntre’s advice to those who are interested in a career in the trades is

“that it’s never too late to change or start a new path. Live to enrich your life and try something new and completely different. It’s ok to not know everything about a trade when enrolling, you’re there to learn and the teachers at OSTTC will help you along your new path, just take the chance!”

OSTTC would like to extend a big congratulations to Huntre for receiving a job offer once she graduates from our program and wish success on all her future endeavours. We are so incredibly proud of you, Huntre!

Are you dreaming of a career path but feel like you may be limited? Follow Huntre’s advice and take the leap today! Check out our website for a list of all upcoming programs and sign up now by visiting

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