Admissions & Registrations

OSTTC offers accredited and non-accredited programs for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.

All students interested in taking a training program or course at OSTTC must provide the following:

  • OSTTC Interest Form
  • An OSTTC registration form
  • A copy of an updated Highschool transcript
  • A sponsor letter for tuition costs
  • An updated resume and cover letter
  • Completion of an Academic Assessment and ESPORT Assessment
  • Student Success Officer Interview
  • Two pieces of photo identification (status card, driver's license, etc)

OSTTC registration staff will provide all students and sponsoring agencies [GREAT, Six Nations of the Grand River Ontario Works, Mississauga’s of the New Credit, Indspire, etc] with a letter of Intent.

The letter of intent will provide program information such as the following:

  • Program name
  • Length of Program
  • Tuition/Training Costs
  • Start Date/End Date

Cancellation of Courses and Programs

The programs and courses announced in this calendar may or may not be offered depending on the number of students enrolled. OSTTC reserves the right to cancel courses and programs without prior notice.

Click here to download the Student Handbook for OSTTC. Updated July 2023.