Published: January 10, 2023
Meet Lisa Green

For Lisa, it all began when she realized that “it is utmost important to follow your passion.” Lisa spent 29 years being an Accountant but it wasn’t until she started following her passion where she would change her title to Business Owner. Ka’shatstenhseri:yo, translating from Mohawk to “Good Energy” in English, consists of several alternative holistic ways to self-care.

During Lisa’s career as an Accountant, she would find herself being a lending hand to people who needed it most. She is one with good wisdom and someone who others felt comfortable talking to. That was when Lisa knew her true journey was to help people and make change. Lisa is currently the only Registered Massage Therapist on Six Nations of the Grand River Territory and is able to offer reflexology, chair massage, aromatherapy, reiki and focus intention technique to her clients. On top of that, Ka’shatstenhseri:yo offers education and essential oil products.

In the transitional phase of changing careers, Lisa knew she needed to create a well thought out business plan to ensure success. This is when she found herself in OSTTC’s Self Employment Assistance program! The Self Employment Assistance program is suited for those who are wanting to increase their level of innovation and build their business confidently. Lisa notes that

“the content of this program definitely creates a great foundation for creating a business plan. The more time, effort and thought you put into this program will result in how strong and concrete your business plan will be.”

One of Lisa’s favourite parts of the program was that she was able to participate in a mock Dragon’s Den,

“I loved how there was a Dragon’s Den at the end of the program in which you would receive even more feedback on how to become successful.”

To describe her overall experience in one word, Lisa uses empowering.

Lisa loves the flexibility that comes with being your own Boss. She starts her day by ensuring her children and pets needs are met first. She makes her way to her healing centre at 11am and that is when she begins providing her services to her clients! In between client services, Lisa can be found booking other clients, finishing up client records, receiving payments and issuing receipts, cleaning the treatment room, washing tons of sheets and blankets, financial record keeping, creating zoom presentations, answering emails/texts and marketing on social media. It isn’t until when 8pm rolls around that Lisa stops her services to her clients and finishes her day at the healing centre. But on most days, her work day doesn’t end there. “Whatever doesn’t get finished spills over into the later evening. Sometimes I am finishing stuff at midnight or throughout the weekend.  But as busy as it is I would not give it up for anything.”

Lisa encourages all new entrepreneurs to start with this program,

“this provided me with the direction and support I needed to get over my struggles and create an entrepreneur mindset.”

We are beyond proud of Lisa and her willingness to shine her radiant light to help others. If you would like to follow your passion and start your journey into the entrepreneurial world, apply for the Self Employment Assistance program before the June 10th deadline! Call us at 519-445-1515 for more information.

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