Published: May 07, 2024
Success Stories from OSTTC Graduates

As a community-owned Indigenous training and post-secondary institute, OSTTC has been dedicated to serving The Six Nations of the Grand River Territory and surrounding communities since 2023 by providing education, training, and certification to individuals seeking to enhance their skills and career prospects.

We take immense pride in the transformative journeys of our students, whose successes illuminate the profound impact of our programs. Throughout our history, we’ve remained dedicated to providing accessible, tailored programs designed to empower individuals to achieve their goals. And achieve their goals they have!

Through our diverse course selections, we've witnessed countless students flourish, each with unique stories of success. And why keep these amazing stories to ourselves?

Here are just a few we would like to share with you today…


Dayna Woodruff:

In our Self Employment Assistance Program, students are introduced to topics such as business planning, building and assessing business models, value propositions, business registrations, writing a business plan, and more. For Dayna, what started as a hobby turned into entrepreneurship with the confidence she gained through her course with us.

“I learned how to believe in myself and my business.” - Dayna

Read Dayna's story here:


Mallory Jamieson:

Mallory and her classmates benefited greatly from extensive hands-on training. Among her memorable experiences, Mallory vividly recalls learning the proper usage of needles and practicing IV injections using oranges. Her program facilitated her certification in essential life-saving skills such as First Aid/CPR and Psychological First Aid. Mallory also highlights the unwavering support from the staff, who conducted monthly check-ins to ensure the student's well-being and success. She emphasizes the remarkable dedication of everyone involved in assisting students, reflecting OSTTC's commitment to fostering a supportive and thriving learning environment.

“I was able to overcome having to deal with many mental health diagnoses such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, ADD & ADHD. It was the best choice I could have made for myself, despite some circumstances that tried to get in the way.” – Mallory

Read more about Mallory below:


Alaynie Maracle:

During her tenure at OSTTC, Alaynie embraced numerous experiences that pushed her beyond her comfort zone. Among her most cherished memories are participating in winter camping, where she received training in Wilderness First-Aid, as well as an immersive 5-day excursion, that allowed her to apply her skills in a real-life setting. Describing her time in the program as "life-changing," Alaynie emphasizes the profound impact of her journey. She attributes much of her success to the supportive instructors who provided invaluable guidance and encouragement, particularly in presenting assigned presentations.

“Have fun and do the work! Be open to all the things the program has to offer, there are so many different routes your life can take with everything you learn and achieve in this program. You just must be willing to learn as much as you can and not let fear cloud your mind.” – Alaynie

Read Alaynie’s journey here:


Lisa Green:

Amidst a career transition, Lisa recognized the importance of crafting a comprehensive business plan to pave the path for her success. It was during this pivotal moment that she discovered OSTTC's Self-Employment Assistance program. Tailored for individuals seeking to elevate their innovative capabilities and establish their businesses with confidence, this program became Lisa's guiding light. Through OSTTC's support and resources, Lisa embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship, equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in her new venture.

“I loved how there was a Dragon’s Den at the end of the program in which you would receive even more feedback on how to become successful.” – Lisa

Find out more about Lisa below:


Huntre Jamieson:

In her program, Huntre was offered a valuable paid internship opportunity with Walter’s Group at their Princeton Campus. For Huntre, this experience proved to be profoundly impactful. Visiting Walter’s Group provided her with many insights into her future career path, offering a tangible glimpse into what her professional journey might entail. This opportunity also facilitated meaningful connections within the industry, further enriching her educational experience and laying the groundwork for a successful career ahead.

“It’s never too late to change or start a new path. Live to enrich your life and try something new and completely different. It’s ok to not know everything about a trade when enrolling, you’re there to learn and the teachers at OSTTC will help you along your new path, just take the chance!” – Huntre

Read her full story:


Raquel Johnson:

At OSTTC, our faculty takes pride in fostering personalized learning experiences for each student. Raquel's journey is a testament to this approach. She found her instructors to be highly accommodating, providing invaluable support as she honed her problem-solving skills. Through their guidance and encouragement, Raquel not only gained essential skills but also developed the confidence to tackle challenges head-on, ensuring her success both in the classroom and beyond.

“Make sure you go to class every day or whenever you have classes. Do the work. Never think negatively about yourself. Always think and tell yourself ‘I can do this!’ Always remember that it is never too late to get your GED or your High School Diploma.” – Raquel

Read more about Raquel here:


Craig Montour:

Craig's progression towards a supervisory role in the electrical trade is a testament to his dedication and perseverance. Through his program’s comprehensive training and support, Craig honed his skills and gained the confidence to excel in his field. Now thriving in his 12th year in the electrical trade with Hydro One, Craig's story illustrates the potential for personal and professional growth through education and hard work.

“I now feel like I possess not only the knowledge but also the confidence in such a challenging workplace.” – Craig

Craig’s full story can be read below:


Tracy Martin:

For Tracy, our Accounting Essentials Program was more than just a course—it became the cornerstone of her future aspirations. Reflecting on her experience, Tracy acknowledges the program's pivotal role in building her self-confidence and laying the groundwork for her career pursuits. OSTTC's essential and introductory programs provide a solid foundation for students like Tracy, offering a pathway to higher education and empowering them to achieve their career goals. Through comprehensive and accessible education, OSTTC continues to pave the way for individuals to pursue their passions and realize their full potential in their chosen fields.

“If it is something that truly interests you, or if it’s something that you require to get where you want in a career or life, then by all means do it. When you do enroll, ensure that you have a support group or system, because that support will make all the difference in your outcome. They will make you or break you, I can promise you that. Be prepared to work hard and have both downfalls and successes. Ask for help, ask lots of questions, and don’t forget to ask for more help until you feel that you understand it. There’s no better feeling when you finally understand something. Good luck and enjoy the course.” – Tracy

Follow along Tracy’s journey below:


Our success is our students’ success. Or should we say our student’s success is how we know we have truly succeeded. As we continue our mission to provide accessible education and foster community empowerment, we celebrate our students' achievements and the boundless opportunities that lie ahead for each of them.

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